Schoolhouse Press and Media Coverage

-Selected and Updated 19 January 2018


Flight Network Australia featured Brickyard Retreat as a place to find serenity in their article 72 hours in Beijing. June 2018

Travel + Leisure featured Brickyard Retreat as a ghost town that is coming back to life as  a “scattered hotel.” Read Kate Springer’s article here. January 2018



CNN Money’s feature Exploring 10 great cities for business in Asia recommended the Brickyard as a “stylish and comfortable place to stay.” See the lovely picture of the Brickyard and learn more about Kate Springer’s recommendations. August 2017

Business Traveller UK features Brickyard Retreat. Read the article and see images.  August 2017

The Brickyard was selected as one of the top 10 boutique hotel experiences in Beijing by Culture Trip. Visit the article. June 2017

China’s Xinhua news agency covered Jim’s life and works at the Great Wall. Read the article. February 2017

Jim Spear interviewed by FMLifestyle. Build me a house by the great wall. February 2017

Vogue’s Todd Plummer recommends the Brickyard as a wonderful fusion boutique hotel, a non-touristy way to see the Great Wall. Read the reviewJanuary 2017


Brickyard Partner Jim Spear’s designs featured on CNN Style. Do these village homes have the best view in China? November 2016

Jim Spear’s residence near Mutianyu Great Wall was a featured country home with images and an article in City Weekend. September 2016

City Weekend staycation issue featured The Brickyard as the top recommended hotel to stay at if you’re visiting the great wall. August 2016


What is Human-centered Development? Jim’s talk at the Stanford program conducted at Qinghua University is now online. We welcome readers to watch. July 2016


Beijinger recommends Brickyard as a weekend getaway. Read the article. May 2016


Beijing TV reported on Beigou Village and included the impact of the Brickyard, Xiaolumian, and our restored homes on the community. Our partner Liang Tang and our housekeeping assistant manager Wei Zongling, a local resident, were both interviewed. View the report in Chinese.April 2016


Business Traveller UK featured our partner Jim Spear’s adventures in China business and the Brickyard’s Great Wall views. Have a look at the article Enter the Dragon. April 2016


Time Out Beijing scopes out the best alternative ways to see the great wall, including a Brickyard indulgence. See what they had to say. March 2016


Forbes Life India recommends The Brickyard as a top luxury hotel “overlooking one of the wonders of the world”. View the story. March 2016


China Daily USA featured The Brickyard as one of their recommended Easter Activities. Read their suggestions here. March 2016



Ardent Traveler web-published an illustrated review of a stay at the Brickyard. Get their take on the experience. August 2015


Context Travel recommends eating at The Schoolhouse in their rundown of different Great Wall locations to visit. Read their suggestions here. August 2015


Beijing Today profiled the history of The Schoolhouse and the Brickyard, looking at the challenges and opportunities for operating a sustainable business in China. August 2015


The Brickyard, our boutique hotel was recommended on indpendenttraveler.com as one of Beijing’s top hotels and “a true novelty in China.” Peruse the whole story. June 2015


Beijing Time Out recommended spending a weekend at the Great Wall as one of ten things to do this summer, with special mention of The Brickyard. May 2015


Global Times featured Sunday Morning Yoga at the Brickyard as one of their recommended Great Wall activities. Read all about it. May 2015


Spanish language travel site EnBeijing featured a report by Andrea Mella about her visit to The Schoolhouse at Mutianyu. Have a look. May 2015


World Baijiu Day interviewed our partner Jim Spear. Read his take on Chinese spirits and how to create fusion infusions from them. April 2015


Haute Living listed the best hotels to see the seven wonders of the world and the Brickyard was their choice for the Great Wall. Read the review. April 2015


Beijing Time Out recommended the Brickyard as a best staycation deal when you need to get away from grey Beijing. See what they had to say. February 2015



Spa Business, the international professional journal, featured an illustrated interview with Jim Spear highlighting the “luxury of simplicity” at the Brickyard Retreat & Spa. See pages 76-78 in Issue 4. November 2014


The Des Moines Register profiled Jim Spear as part of a series on China by their business editor Lynn Hicks and illustrated with video and photos by Rodney White. See the on-line version. October 2014


Expat Living out of Singapore covered a stay with us at Mutianyu Great Wall. Download a PDF of the illustrated report. October 2014


The BBC’s City Breaks feature on Beijing recommended the Brickyard. View the story. September 2014


Spain’s El Mundo covered our Brickyard Retreat. Read the illustrated article in Spanish.


The Indian edition of International Business Times recommended The Schoolhouse as part of its article on where to eat when you visit the 7 Wonders of the World. See the article. July 2014


City Weekend featured Jim Spear: Built to Last, a profile of our partner and his design practice focussed on bespoke homes near the Great Wall for clients from around the world. June 2014


Lisa Gay’s lifestyle article about Ironstone, a home designed by Schoolhouse partner Jim Spear, was published in the South China Morning Post.See the illustrated article.


Diego Torres published a video story on The Schoolhouse and Mutianyu on the Spanish sustainability website planetatwenergy. Read the article and watch the video (narration in Spanish, interviews in English with subtitles in Spanish) here. May 2014


Beijing Finance and Economics TV reported on The Schoolhouse and the special meal we served to USA First Lady Michelle Obama. See the video (with Chinese narration) here. March 2014


China Daily profiled Chris Cowell and his work at The Schoolhouse developing fruit liqueurs and vinegars in an illustrated article by Mike Peters. Read the article titled Raising a Stink. January 2014


Architectural Digest featured stunning photographs of Jim Spear and Liang Liang’s own home at Mutianyu Great Wall in their China edition. The renowned journal dispatched a stylist from Spain and a top architectural photographer from Sweden to capture this private retreat. See the images. January 2014



China Daily featured The Schoolhouse Christmas celebrations. See the article. December 2013


The City Weekend 15th Anniversary Issue named Jim Spear as one of 15 people who have changed Beijing. Read Sienna Parulis-Cook’s interview with him. October 2013


Photo Travel included the Brickyard and The Schoolhouse in a suggested itinerary in Huairou. See the images and read the article (in Chinese). October 2013


The Financial Times published China property: high-end holiday homes by the Great Wall that included a photograph of Ironstone, designed our partner Jim Spear. Read Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore’s informative report.


Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post profiled Liang Tang and Jim Spear with a focus on their life and work in a 500 year old village nestled under China’s Great Wall. Read Olivia Rosenman’s story and interview. September 2013


Green Living published an illustrated three page review of The Schoolhouse’s commitment to sustainability reported by Liao Subing. In Chinese. View the on-line version of the article. August 2013


CCTV 4 Biz Asia interviewed Jim Spear and reported on The Schoolhouse and our local suppliers, focussing on our source for honey. Watch the segment (in English). July 2013


Forbes Travel Guide recommended The Schoolhouse and the Brickyard in their feature on where to stay near the Great Wall of China. July 2013


The Schoolhouse “combines luxury and art” says China MICE Now. June 2013


China’s New Travel magazine featured Xiaolumian, the Brickyard, and Schoolhouse Homes as a destination for a weekend getaway from the city. Download the illustrated article in Chinese. June 2013


Sara Naumann told the The Schoolhouse story and reported on her experience visiting here in her popular About.com China Travel blog. She also describes our rental homes and the Brickyard Eco-Retreat. Read her rave review. May 2013


South China Morning Post reported on Jim’s Spear’s talk to the sold-out crowd at TEDx Victoria Harbour held in Hong Kong’s historic Sunbeam Theater. According to the story, “Spear explained how hiring interns from around the world helps to produce innovative ideas for his hotel business at Mutianyu Great Wall in Beijing.” Other speakers included writer Nury Vittachi and architect Tom Schmidt. Read the story. May 2013


China’s premier professional journal Time + Architecture, published by Tongji University, featured a case study on Jim Spear’s design of the Brickyard written by Zhong Wenkai. View the illustrated article, in Chinese with English summary and project & publication data. May 2013


Dotgreen.org reported on their visit to The Schoolhouse and a talk by our partner Jim Spear in which he said, “It takes a village. And so here in this village, we have outsiders, we have people who’ve been here for many generations, we have old people, we have rich people, we have poor people, and everybody lives together. You have to find a way to live with your neighbor.” Read their blog. May 2013


Former Schoolhouse intern Tessa Cheek published an illustrated article about the Brickyard in a hot new Beverly Hills design publication, Standard Magazine. Read Playing Along the Great Wall. May 2013


The Schoolhouse was presented the PATA China Responsible Tourism Award for 2012 in Bangkok as reported in Travel Daily News. April 2013


Conde-Nast Traveler featured The Schoolhouse at Mutianyu Great Wall in their Grand Tour of Asia feature on China. April 2013


CCTV4 broadcast a documentary about Schoolhouse partner Jim Spear. March 2013


The Wall Street Journal published an article and slideshow about the Brickyard Eco-Retreat as an example of something “worth slowing down for in China’s frenetic capital.” Read Georgia Freedman’s article and see Adam Dean’s images. March 2013


Mutianyu Great Wall, The Schoolhouse, and Jim Spear featured in National Geographic’s 100 Places That Can Change Your Child’s Life. Read selections from this book written by Keith Bellows.




China Daily profiled Jim Spear and his life at Mutianyu Great Wall. Read the illustrated article. December 2012


Schoolhouse partner Jim Spear was featured as “foreign villager” participating in Beigou Village’s annual Chongyang Festival luncheon honoring all of the elderly villagers in a report in the Beijing Youth Daily. Read the article (in Chinese) and learn more about Beigou Village’s transformation here. October 2012


William Wang of China Radio International’s English Service profiled The Schoolhouse and our other dining and lodging venues around Mutianyu Great Wall. Read his illustrated report. September 2012


Global Times featured Mutianyu and The Schoolhouse as examples of “tearing down walls” between villagers and outsiders. Read Xie Wenting’s illustrated article.September 2012


China Daily reported on The Schoolhouse’s commitment to local foods and our annual Slow Food Saturday harvest festival. Read Eric Jou’s article. 
September 2012


Premier art and lifestyle website features the Brickyard in a feature on Offbeat Ways to See the Great Wall.Read the article and see the images on artinfo.com.
 August 2012


Over the summer Amy Lelyveld brought her students from the Yale/Tsinghua Joint Undergraduate Studio for a day in Tianxianyu Village at Mutianyu Great Wall to make sketches on the site of a peasant home under renovation by Jim Spear. See images of the students and the drawings they createdJuly 2012


The Schoolhouse Homes selected as a “great escape” in a profile of changing travel preferences in Mainland China. Read the article by Hannah Xu.
 South China Morning Post
, July 2012


The Schoolhouse recommended by the New York Times as part of an outing to Mutianyu Great Wall. Read the article. 
May 2012


PATA China Chapter holds meeting at The Schoolhouse. Read the report in Travel Daily News.
 April 2012


Brickyard Eco-Retreat reviewed on “the guide to the good life,” Gayot. Read the review.
 April 2012


Brickyard featured as one of Beijing’s 20 Best Hotels by CNN Travel Guide. Find out what they had to say. March 2012


CEI Asia is the top industry magazine for conferences, events, and incentives in the region and their recent guide to venues in Beijing included the Brickyard and The Schoolhouse. Read Gabrielle Jaffe’s article.
 March 2012


Dinah Watkins tells the story of how her family’s farmhouse at Mutianyu Great Wall – called Ironstone – came about. Learn how The Schoolhouse and partners Jim Spear & Liang Tang helped create the home by clicking here to read Dinah’s illustrated article in That’s Beijing. 
March 2012


Jill Petzinger highlighted the Brickyard in her report on sustainable tourism in China in Air Macau’s in-flight magazine.
 January 2012



The Schoolhouse projects were profiled in the USA Weekly edition of China Daily. Read the story of how The Schoolhouse came to be.
 December 2011


Six top hotels, including The Brickyard Eco-Retreat, were selected for Business Traveller’s review of special boutique offerings in Beijing. See how we stack up.December 2011


Air Canada’s enRoute magazine features a review of The Schoolhouse and our other venues, including the Brickyard Eco-Retreat, written by Eve Thomas. Read the illustrated article.
 December 2011


The Schoolhouse and Executive Chef Randhir Singh featured in illustrated article in American Embassy magazine. Read the article in Chinese.November 2011


One of Germany’s top papers, Frankfurter Allegemeine Zeitung, reported on Schoolhouse partner Jim Spear’s creation of country homes at Mutianyu for clients from around the world in their Sunday real estate section. The feature by Christian Geinitz describes how The Schoolhouse has brought USD 15 million into the local economy in recent years. Read the on-line version of the illustrated article in German by Christian Geinitz. (Just use Google translate if your German is a bit rusty like ours.) 
October 2011


The annual travel issue of Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post Style Magazine featured our Brickyard Eco-Retreat. Read the illustrated article by Mark Graham.
 October 2011


NHK World Service reported on The Schoolhouse, including interviews with our partner Jim Spear, our server Yu Xia, and our main local farmer Li Fengquan. View the story in English narrated by Yoshitaka Hirauchi.
 October 2011


Influential Chinese design magazine Wave features a case study on the Brickyard Eco-Retreat designed by Jim Spear. See the images and read the article (in Chinese) here.
 September 2011


Matthew Jukes of Global Times reported on his adventures at our annual Slow Food Saturday festival. Read here about how we’ve involved four villages under the Great Wall with a festival celebrating the harvest and local foods.
 September 2011


Julie Upton-Wang and her family were profiled in Women in China. Learn how our Schoolhouse partner made her way from Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts to Mutianyu Great Wall here (in Chinese). 
July 2011


Ruili Home featured the Mutianyu home of Schoolhouse partners Julie Upton-Wang and Peiming Wang. See the images and read the article (in Chinese). 
July 2011


Evan Osnos recommended The Schoolhouse in Conde-Nast Traveler. “Roomy modern renovations are artfully hidden inside traditional farmhouses, all within walking distance of an unpretentious Western restaurant that has spectacular views of the Great Wall…” See the article. May 2011


Beijing Daily featured The Schoolhouse in two front page articles covering the inspection visit to our venues by Beijing Party Secretary and Politburo Member Liu Qi, Beijing Deputy Party Secretary Mayor Guo Jinlong and other senior leaders. Read the articles (in Chinese) here. 
May 2011


Randi Ponek reports on a family holiday to Mutianyu Great Wall and their stay in “Persimmon Court,” one of the Schoolhouse Homes. Read the article in Shanghai Family. 
April 2011


The Schoolhouse’s annual Bohai or Bust charity biking event raised funds for the elderly in Bohai Township. Read the report by Matthew Jukes in Global Times.
 April 2011


Malaysian Airlines in-flight magazine Going Places recommends Mutianyu Great Wall and The Schoolhouse Homes. Read the feature by Vivian Chong.
 March 2011


“Beijing’s Big Shape Up,” a feature about new architecture around the city in Cathay Pacific’s in-flight magazine Discovery, includes the Brickyard Inn & Retreat Center designed by Schoolhouse partner Jim Spear. Read the article.
 March 2011


Travel writer Tom Fitzsimons features Mutianyu and The Schoolhouse in his report on touring in China published in New Zealand. Read the article.
 February 2011


Michel Faas covers Sustainable Tourism in Mutianyu and The Schoolhouse for the Scandinavian China news and information site Radio 86. Read the article and see his images here.
 January 2011



Schoolhouse partner Jim Spear was profiled in an illustrated article in China International Business as “an affable character who can’t quite believe his luck in life, but beneath the avuncular appearance of t-shirt, shorts, and work boots, the keen corporate brain still functions efficiently.” Read the entire profile.
 December 2010


Hometown newspaper covers Jim Spear, his life At Home in China, and The Schoolhouse. Read Andrew Potter’s profile of this 1973 graduate of Marshalltown High School.
 December, 2010


CNNGo covers sustainable luxury at The Schoolhouse. 
December 2010


“The other rather spectacular thing I encountered in Mutianyu was The Schoolhouse. An American and his Chinese wife have converted an abandoned schoolhouse building in the village into a sleek restaurant and community art space with a glassblowing studio and gallery that wouldn’t seem out of place in a major city. We stopped in for lunch and had a delicious meal of pumpkin soup, sandwiches, curries, and noodles,” reported Janelle Nanos in her Cultural, Authentic, and Sustainable blog for National Geographic Traveller. Read her entire story on Mutianyu Great Wall and The Schoolhouse.
 November 2010


The Schoolhouse’s celebration of American Thanksgiving featured in an extensive, illustrated profile in China Daily, the country’s national English language newspaper. Read the article A Ming Dynasty Thanksgiving by Steve Hubrecht with photos by Mike Peters.
 November 2010


Dang It Delicious features a delicious review of The Schoolhouse and scrumptious images… Thank you Lisa from the whole team!
 October 2010


China Daily features The Schoolhouse’s 2nd Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest… read their take on a Great Wall Halloween here.
 October 2010


The WWF in conjunction with leading hotel industry consultant HTL and the HICAP conference feature a detailed case study on The Schoolhouse in their new publication, Towards the Business Case for Sustainable Hotels in Asia. Download a 3 MB PDF copy of the book here.
 October 2010


America’s premier design magazine Architectural Digest profiles designer Jim Spear, his homes, and The Schoolhouse. Read the article by Lucy Birmingham and see the spectacular images by Robert McLeod here.October 2010


Well-known What’s Cooking blog featured The Schoolhouse with images of a visiting child making noodles in one of our popular noodle demonstration classes. See the entry.
 September 2010


Brickyard Inn featured as Great Wall destination for meetings and incentives travel in trade journal Mice Biz. Read the article by Mark Graham. 
September 2010


Global Times told about The Schoolhouse’s impact on Mutianyu and Beigou Villages in a profile of partner Jim Spear with images of our various homes and businesses. Read the article by Matthew Jukes. 
September 2010


Dr. Richard Saint Cyr puts Mutianyu and The Schoolhouse at the top of his list for drives to get away from Beijing on his helpful website My Health Beijing, A Family Doctor’s Guide to Wellness in Beijing. Find out why here.
 September 2010


South China Morning Post covers Schoolhouse Executive Chef Randhir Singh and the Slow Food Saturday community event we co-hosted this month. Read Dominique Patton’s article Slow Food Reaches Beijing. September 2010


Beijing Haochi Food Blog gives a wonderful review of our noodle shop Xiaolumian.
Read their comments and see the fantastic images here.August 2010


Schoolhouse Eexcutive Chef Randhir Singh was interviewed by The Beijinger about his views on slow food and local ingredients. Read the report here.
 August 2010


Slow Food Saturday and The Schoolhouse commitment to local foods featured in Global Times. Read the article here.
 August 2010


The Schoolhouse was recommended as the place to go by Ben Blanchard in his column the Reuters Travel Postcard: 48 hours in Beijing. August 2010


The Beijinger recently posted the first in a series of blog entries on Slow Food Saturday. Read what Dining Editor Jen Leung had to say about the event, and how we should remember that we do live in Beijing and should be more aware of where our food comes from and how it is made. 
August 2010


City Weekend Magazine featured The Schoolhouse in their 8 Perfect Dates cover story as the perfect place to “impress a date by rescuing them from Beijing’s polluted air and getting back to nature.” The article also recommends the School Bus Day Trip to Mutianyu Great Wall as an option to get out of the city, and our special Listening and Loving Retreat as an option for couples in need of a weekend getaway.
 July 2010


Alison Harley had a memorable stay at one of our Schoolhouse Homes. With her family visiting from the UK, she wanted to give them a Great Wall experience. But they enjoyed much more than the Wall – from the local feel, to their stay in the Pavilion, to the ‘simply delicious’ homemade food. Click here to read her article, as published in the Shanghai Courier.
 May 2010


Professor Pitman Potter of the University of British Columbia has made a donation toward the Bohai or Bust Mutianyu Elderly Fund in the name of Professors Wang Liming, Vice President, Chinese Renmin University; Liu Junhai, Director Business Law Centre, Chinese Renmin University; and Professor Wang Yi, Vice Dean, Chinese Renmin University. Learn more about Bohaior Bust. 
May 2010


Global Times recently profiled how The Schoolhouse fits into and contributes to Mutianyu and nearby villages. Read the illustrated article here.
 May 2010


On May 2nd, the Huairou Mutianyu Great Wall International Cultural Village was officially opened to the public. The project comprises four traditional villages nestled under the Great Wall in Bohai Township – Mutianyu, Beigou, Xinying, and Tianxianyu. Speakers at the ceremony were Secretary of the Huairou District Party Committee Wang Haiping, Secretary of the Bohai Township Party Committee Zhang Fuli, and Schoolhouse Partner Jim Spear. Jim represented all of our partners and spoke about what it meant to be an honorary citizen and promised that we would all continue to be good neighbors and work hard to make a contribution. Read an English translation of Jim’s talk here.


The Schoolhouse Canteen’s delicious foods and executive Chef Randhir Singh are mentioned in Dubai’s The Khaleej Times.


Schoolhouse partner Julie Upton Wang and daughter Megan are featured in Boston University’s parent spotlight special. 
(link no longer working 10 January 2013) April 2010


The Schoolhouse’s founder and Mutianyu Great Wall community development profiled by Mark Graham in a feature article with photos in Hong Kong’s Sunday Post Magazine.March 2010


Brickyard Inn featured in Sara Naumann’s popular blog about traveling in China. See the post and images here.March 2010


Mutianyu’s donkey-powered corn grinding and the Pavilion featured in Alan Paul’s You-Tube video. 
February 2010


The Schoolhouse selected as a top restaurant by the Bejing Tourism Administration. Read the announcement in Chinese. 
February 2010


Finnair’s Blue Wings magazine features The Schoolhouse Homes as the place to overnight at the Great Wall. Read the article here.
 January 2010



Olgivy & Mather’s Kunal Sinha praised The Schoolhouse for having “mastered the art of brand storytelling” in his blog about hotels in China on Sparksheet. Read his appraisal and see the pictures he posted here.
 December 2009


Brandon Taylor raves about The Schoolhouse 2009 Thanksgiving in Times News. Read the article here.
 December 2009


The Schoolhouse and our partner Julie Upton-Wang featured on BON Cable TV program Starting a Business in China. View the program. 
November 2009


Jennifer Conrad features The Schoolhouse and our other venues in her article on sustainable foods in Panorama magazine. November 2009


Schoolhouse partner Jim Spear participated in a panel discussion about eating locally grown foods, the locavore movement, and organic food in China on the Today program broadcast live by China Radio International. Listen to an MP3 of the hour-long discussion here.
 November 2009


A new TV show It’s Organic is being broadcast across Asia. The Schoolhouse and our partner Jim Spear are featured in the second episode Organic Visionaries. Learn more about the program here.
 November 2009


Food & Wine features the home cooking of Schoolhouse partners Peiming Wang and Julie Upton-Wang in their Mutianyu home. See the photos and read the article in Chinese here.
 October 2009


The Schoolhouse and Mutianyu Great Wall featured in Shanghai Family on-line magazine.
 October 2009


The Schoolhouse was recognized as the best sustainable communities development in Asia for 2009 at the 20th Annual HICAP Conference in Hong Kong on 16 October 2009. The award was decided by an international panel of judges headed by Professor Lyndall De Marco, who presented the award. Information about HICAP, the judges, and the award criteria may be viewed 
 October 2009


China Countryside Hotels recommended as one of the six best bets in Beijing in Step Back in Time by Manuela Zoninsein in Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia. Download Page 1 here. Download Page 2 here.
 October 2009


CCTV International features The Schoolhouse, Jim Spear, and our business partner Li Fengquan in a report about protecting the Great Wall. Read the script or watch the video by following this link: 
http://english.cctv.com/20090911/101135.shtml September 2009


Schoolhouse rated as a “superb restaurant” and a top Great Wall destination in Cathay Pacific’s Discovery in-flight magazine. September 2009


How do The Schoolhouse partners and executive chef Randhir Singh make a Mutianyu summer picnic for themselves when they’re not watching the shop? Find out in this exclusive Food & Wine photo feature. August 2009


Schoolhouse Rental Homes earned a fourth green star from Eco Hotels of the World in recognition of our on-going programs to improve sustainability. Learn more about our rating here. 
August 2009


Wild China Selects Schoolhouse Homes as a Top Hotel in China. We are proud to announce that based on an in-depth survey and feedback from their guests, Wild China — China’s premium sustainable travel company — has chosen The Schoolhouse homes as one of the top 5 hotels in China for the Best of China 2009 Awards.. According to Wild China the winners shared three important common traits: dedication to service, unique design, and a strong commitment to sustainabiliy. They described us as “a home away from hone nestled under the Great Wall.” Learn more about Wild China here. 
August 2009


Schoolhouse featured in reportage and photography by French bicyclists touring Asia on the DynamoS’olidare project. In French – visit their site. Summer 2009


China Daily reports on the Mutianyu Fourth of July celebration at our sister restaurant, the Roadhouse
. July 2009


The Schoolhouse and our investor China Bound Ltd. profiled by Avantage Ventures, an investment advisory firm focussed on growing the social enterprise industry in Asia. Read about the impact we are making on our community. May 2009


View a photo montage by a visitor who stayed in Grandma’s Place April 2009


The Schoolhouse was proud to be a Bronze sponsor of the ISB Spring Fair held on 25 April 2009. We donated prizes and also ran an arts and craft booth with products made in our Schoolhouse Art Glass workshop. Learn more about the Fair and the International School of Beijing here. 
April 2009


Grandma’s Place guests webpost a photo set showing their visit to Mutianyu and Xiaolumian. To view it, click here. April 2009


Great Wall tourist enterprises engender local support: Erik Nilson reports in China Daily on our sustainable business model and the Brickyard, our new hotel project in Yingbeigou Village, adjacent to Mutianyu Great Wall. March 2009


Travel blogger decribes Schoolhouse as a “cool experience” and tells about her family’s visit here.(Link no longer working January 10 2013). March 2009


Siemens visits Mutianyu Great Wall and The Schoolhouse as part of motivational trip 
February 2009


Schoolhouse partner’s story featured on Eco Blog February 2009


Shanghai Family on-line magazine contributors praise The Schoolhouse Rental Homes 
(link no longer working January 10 2013). November 2008 to January 2009


Schoolhouse partner cited in Hotel News Now: “The world has always weathered economic downturns and we are confident that we’ll get beyond this one, too. We are continuing our aggressive building program and have recently concluded several volume programs for 2009,” said Jim Spear, a partner in China Bound Ltd., which runs The Schoolhouse near the Great Wall at Mutianyu. The company is opening two new properties next year, one of which will be at $500-a-night boutique retreat. “Our customers are looking to differentiate themselves from other dining, lodging, and meeting options. We think we have an opportunity during downturn to increase our business substantially,” he added. 

View the entire 19 January 2009 article by Helena Iveson. January 2009


The Schoolhouse listed in the 5th Edition of Insider’s Guide to Beijing 
January 2009


The Schoolhouse helps sponsor the 2009 International Montessori Conference (link no longer working January 10 2013) January 2009



Schoolhouse recommended for delicious food… read Charlotte Walsh’s top picks for Beijing in TTG Magazine here December 2008


Tianjin expat magazine profiles Jim Spear and The Schoolhouse. Read the article
 (link no longer working January 10 2013) December 2008


Whistler Forum Visits The Schoolhouse: During the two-day delegation Chang listened to a speech made by James H. Spear, partner of China Bound Ltd., and learned how Squamish could become a sustainable tourist destination. Spear transformed a small, remote village, called Mutianyu, an hour and half from Beijing, but five minutes from The Great Wall of China, into a tourist destination. “He bought a small rundown schoolhouse and converted it into a nice restaurant and gallery and glass factory, and also a bed and breakfast. It is very unique and also they use the local infrastructure to build their projects, so it is very, very sustainable,” said Chang. — George Chang in the Squamish Chief 11 November 2008November 2008


慕田峪『The Schoolhouse』に行った (in Japanese only)
English Translation [PDF] (Japanese Visitor’s Blog)

Insite: Australian Homes, Art & Antiques Magazine
Article: China Directions [PDF]September 2008


Whistler delegation visits Mutianyu and exchanges views on sustainable development 
September 2008


Country Holidays 5 day Family Trip to Beijing 


British Airways High Life recommends “hip” SchoolhouseAugust 2008


Paralympics medalist raves about The SchoolhouseAugust 2008


Hong Kong Business Online
Chengde: Beijing’s mountain getawayAugust 2008 (link not working January 10 2013)


The Wall Was Great But Lunch Was Better 
Eric PatemanAugust 2008


Local Eateries Must Overcome Olympic Hurdles
Manuela Zoninsein
August 2008 (link not working January 10 2013)


Beijings Best-Kept Secrets
Kit Gillet and Matthew Plowright
August 2008 (link not working January 10 2013)


Insider’s Guide to Beijing Online
See Comment: Mutianyu is not a place to avoidJune 2008


China Business Daily
On The Ground: The Marketing Arm’s Mark O’Connor
August 2008


The Australian: Room at the Inn
Manuela S. ZoninseinJuly 2008


Village Life
ELLE DecorationJuly 2008


The Schoolhouse recommended by Lonely Planet July 2008


Beijing Daily highlights: 
The Schoolhouse contributions to building new village life 
(in Chinese only)
July 2008 (link not working January 10 2013)


China Daily – A wall of dreams comes trueJune 2008


Concierge – Article about The Schoolhouse [PDF] (in Japanese only)
June, 2008


City Weekend/ Dining Column – The Dish: Beijing’s Locavores
Manuela Zoninsein 
May 2008


French Guide – Report about The Schoolhouse (English) (French)
Aurélie Palancher
May 2008 (link not working January 10 2013)


byokids — Australian on-line guide to family travel recommends The SchoolhouseMay 2008


Blog: Then for a trip to The SchoolhouseApril 2008


German website for gourmets recommends The SchoolhouseApril 2008


Voices from Other Lands – CRI English RadioInterview with Jim Spear and Liang Tang
April 2008


Off the Wall – Urbane MagazineApril 2008


Photos: Lunch at The SchoolhouseMarch 2008 (link not working January 10 2013)


The Schoolhouse at Mutianyu -That’s BJ KidsMarch 2008


Country Manners
February 2008


The Schoolhouse Canteen Family Friendly Review – That’s BJ KidsFebruary 2008



Blog: Schoolhouse Gourmet DinnerDecember 2007


Blog: Japanese Tour Guide
September 2007


Wall Street Journal recommends Mutianyu Great Wall and 
The SchoolhouseOctober 2007


Disney Adventure Tours selects The Schoolhouse. Article 1Article 2October 2007 (links not working January 10 2013)


Village restaurant receives glowing reviewJuly 2007


Mutianyu Bound for Glory July 2007 (link not working January 10 2013)


The Schoolhouse supports Mutianyu sister village relationship [PDF]June 2007


The Schoolhouse featured as a hot idea [PDF]April 2007



Dining Out at the Schoolhouse Canteen [PDF]December 2006


The best bite at the Great Wall [PDF]November 2006


Dulwich College Year 10 Mutianyu and Schoolhouse Field Trip [PDF] 
October 27 2006. (link not working January 10 2013)


Party Secretary visits The Schoolhouse. 
October 3 2006. Huairou Party Secretary Mr. Wang Haiping toured The Schoolhouse during National Day. (In Chinese only) (link not working January 10 2013)

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