Last updated 18 April 2016






TAKE BUS 916 (快/kuai/fast) bus to HUAIROU


Bus 916 to HuaiRou leaves from inside DongZhiMen bus station every 10 to 15 minutes. You’ll need to get off at BeiDaJie station in HuaiRou.


*Please make sure to take the (快/kuai/fast)bus from inside dongzhimen station- there is a slow 916 that does not take the freeway and departs from outside the station.

*Please make sure to get off at Beidajie, which is the closest stop to Mutianyu. At the first couple of stops in Huairou (after getting off the freeway) there may be local drivers who advise you to get off the bus to catch a ride with them.


From BeiDaJie you have 2 options:


  1. Take a taxi to Mutianyu. A one-way trip with a blue & white electric taxi or local driver should cost about RMB 60.  乘坐出租车去慕田峪。让司机送您去小园(最好在“园”后加儿化音)。个体出租车单程的价格应该不超过60元。
  2. Cross the street and take bus 936 to DongTai which goes to the Mutianyu Rotary. *please note 936 only runs twice daily at 1:50pm and 3:50pm. 到马路对面乘坐开往洞台的936路公交车,在慕田峪环岛下车。请注意,936车每天只有两趟,下午1:50 和3:50分。


Attention Brickyard Hotel Guests: Check in for both rooms and rental homes is at The Brickyard in Beigou village, dual language driving directions to show your driver can be found here. Please call us at +8610 6162-6506 or +8610 6162-6319 if you need help or would like a shuttle pick up at the Mutianyu rotary.

Driving directions to The Schoolhouse restaurant can be found here. Please note The Schoolhouse is currently open for groups of 12 or more only. Smaller groups are welcome to join us at our lodge restaurant in The Brickyard, which also serves fresh, home made foods from our gardens. *prior reservations required for non-lodging guests and can be made by phone or emailing info@brickyardatmutianyu.com。


瓦厂房间和别墅的客人请您来瓦厂酒店办入住,瓦厂在北沟村。请下载路程导引- 瓦厂, 如果您需要帮忙或需要我们的班车来慕田峪环岛来接您请打+8610 6162-6506 或+8610 6162-6319 联系我们。

小园客人请下载路程导引- 小园。请注意小园现在只能接待12人以上的预定。欢迎少与12位的集团来瓦厂酒店的餐厅。瓦厂菜单 。请不住宿的客人提前预定:+8610 6162-6506 或+8610 6162-6319 或info@brickyardatmutianyu.com



Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you in Mutianyu!